Melissa Cross – Zen of Screaming DVD + Scream Extra CD

Melissa Cross – Zen of Screaming DVD + Scream Extra CD | Size:1.78 GB
The first of its kind, this DVD offers comprehensive but easy-to-follow vocal instruction and information, plus step by step exercises. Convenient menus allow you to navigate easily and effectively through the 30+ segments.
The instruction includes invaluable tips on vocal maintenance, actual vocal cord footage, and explicit and helpful animations which illustrate and illuminate the specific vocal exercises. Interspersed is exclusive backstage and performance footage of today’s most exciting artists, with candid offstage interviews and opportunities to see these artists actually working in-studio with Melissa.

Featured vocalists include Andrew W.K., Lamb of God’s D. Randall Blythe, Shadows Fall’s Brian Fair, Every Time I Die’s Keith Buckley, God Forbid’s Byron Davis, Melissa Auf der Maur and more! Also included is an Audio CD & Booklet with a clearly itemized vocal practice program for each range. This DVD is as entertaining as it is informative and a must-have tool for vocalists of today. “…the Bible for any extreme music vocalist.”
-Tom Beaujour, Editor In Chief, Revolver Magazine
DVD Running Time: 2 hrs 25 min plus special features.
Scream Extra CD
This exclusive audio CD lesson takes a closer look at the techniques “Fire” (screaming without definable pitch as described on the DVD) and “Heat” (getting the “rasp” in your singing without damage).

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