Dvd - Essential Exercises For Fingerstyle Guitar

Essential Exercises For Fingerstyle Guitar with Peter Hutlinger
DVDRip | 256×176 | AVI | XVID 696 kbps | 29.97 fps | Aspect ratio: 1.4545 | MP3 128 kpbs | 420 MB
Actors: Peter Huttlinger | Directors: Happy Traum | Studio: Homespun Tapes | Run Time: 60 minutes

An accomplished fingerstyle guitarist needs to have full control of his or her picking hand along with a complete knowledge of the guitar fingerboard. Peter Huttlinger provides you with the advice, practice routines and exercises that will enable you to play with good tone, strict timing and confidence. Pete makes this important topic fun for guitarists at all levels. He starts you off with more than a dozen picking patterns, each one using a different combination of thumb and fingers on various strings. These exercises create a solid foundation that will help you with every piece you play, regardless of style.
Moving to the left hand, you’ll learn arpeggios and the “spelling” of chords, as well as Pete’s foolproof method for learning every note on the fingerboard. Chromatic scale exercises up and down the fretboard will work wonders for strength and agility in both your right and left hands. Finally, Pete puts all these exercises into practice with a bouncy bossa nova chord and rhythm progression and a gorgeous arrangement of a classical piece, “Romanza.” This DVD will give you months of material to work on, and Pete’s regimen will make you a stronger, better player.

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