Lick Library - Ultimate Guitar Techniques - Pentatonic Concepts

Lick Library: Ultimate Guitar Techniques Pentatonic Concepts - Alex Machacek
English | AVI | XviD 752Kbps  | MP3 128Kbps | 1hr 27min | 524MB
Genre: Training

Description : Learn pentatonic concepts and techniques with Alex Machacek.
This superb DVD teaches a new approach to learning pentatonic positions and incorporating them into your playing.
From 3 note patterns and arpeggios, to chord jams and sweep picking you will build the vocabulary to improve your own style and improvise more efficiently. Other topics include five note sequences, pentatonic fingerings, super imposition and a 'scale to lick' section. Also includes guitar jam tracks to practise and perform with.
Alex Machacek is a highly regarded Los Angeles based jazz fusion guitarist. He is critically acclaimed by the likes of John McLaughlin and the late Shawn Lane for his innovative style. His influences range from Iron Maiden and Deep Purple to Allan Holdsworth and Frank Zappa.
Introduction (0:25)
Pentatonic Fingering (5:16)
From Scales To Licks (6:02)
5 Note Sequence (1:28)
Sweeping Pattern (1:53)
Motifs & Horizontal Fingering (5:52)
Am & Cm Jam (4:17)
4 Chord Jam (2:49)
3 Notes Per String (11:34)
3 Notes Per String Sweep Lick (6:36)
Superimposition (10:49)
Using Formulas (10:31)
Conclusion (0:53)
Performance (6:01)



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men muchas gracias por excelente aporte. la descarga ok. sosaguitar

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