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Steve Bailey: Fretless Bass (1991)
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Genre: Guitar Bass Video Tutorials
The consummate musician and bassist presents one of the most comprehensive fretless bass technique methods available. This book will help you successfully make the transition from fretted to fretless bass. The exercises within have both studio and live-playing applications and cover such topics as intonation, sliding, string blending, and fretless effects. Develop your ear and left-hand technique using the methodically written examples, which cover intervals as well as triads; then put it all to use in the songs and etudes provided. This DVD/book set will help any bassist develop the necessary technique to master this difficult but beautifully melodic instrument.

Master musician Steve Bailey imparts his intimate knowledge of bass techniques to enable you to play this lyrical instrument. He also covers intonation studies using various interval, fingering, and muscle memory techniques.

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