Mike Terrana - Double Bass Mechanics (Drum Video) (1996)

Mike Terrana - Double Bass Mechanics (Drum Video) (1996)
AVI | DX50 704x576 1581 kbps 25 fps 1.2222 | MP3 155 kpbs 44.1 KHz | 1.4 GB
Genre: Drums Instruction Video
Double Bass Mechanics represents the culmination of 15 years professional touring and recording experience. Learn all the fundamentals you'll ever need to know from Mike Terrana, a drummer with keen street smarts that are always in demand for live performances, studio sessions, and drum clinics.

His powerful drumming style can be heard with renowned artists such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Tony MacAlpine. Now, the basic essence of power and control with respect to double bass and hand technique come together in a straight forward, organized and easy to understand video format.

Video highlights include:

# Three musical performance pieces
# Hand warm-up exercises and technique
# Bass drum pedal adjustment tips
# Foot pedal technique
# Bass drum exercises for speed and performance
# Recording studio tips
# Drum tuning
# Playing with a click track
# Playing with the bass player
# Drum solo construction
# How to prepare for auditions


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