Hal Leonard - Blues Rock Guitar Soloing - DVD (2003)

Hal Leonard - Blues Rock Guitar Soloing - DVD (2003)
Publisher: Hal Leonard | Language: English | Full Scans | 46m | .MP4 | 382.25MB | ASIN: B00272PPBI
H264, 1004.7kbps | 640×480, 300.0fps | MP4A, 118.6kbps | 44.1kHz 16bit, 2 channels

Blues Rock Guitar Soloing is perhaps the most important music lesson you will ever take regardless of the style you play. Mat Gurman demonstrates the art of phrasing - the key to all improvised music. He teaches you how to get the music out of your head and into your playing so your solos make sense! Mat discusses how to get a great blues rock tone and demonstrates soloing in the styles of Carlos Santana, Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Billy Gibbons, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Eric Clapton and Robben Ford. He shows you how to apply the blues scales to almost any style of music when you solo. Packed with licks and practice ideas, this DVD will help develop your ear an continue to improve your soloing for months and years to come.
Lessons Included;

Tremolo Picking
Fret Hand Muting
Extreme Staccato
And More!



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Eleazar Ruben Soto Tomairo dijo...

Hola amigo no se si tendras los curso fast track de hal leonar de guitarra, teclado, y bajo muchas gracias si los subes xD

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