Vocal Coach - Expanding Your Range (Audiobook)

Vocal Coach - Expanding Your Range (Audiobook)

How to Figure Out Music from Recordings for Guitar, Piano, and All Instruments
Audiobook | MP3 | 36MB

By Chris Beatty, Carole Beatty, Vocal Coach
Created, Written & Producted by Chris Beatty

Do you feel limited in your vocal range? Does your throat tighten as you sing higher or sometimes break or crack? This instructional CD will help to discover, and utilize your full vocal range. Because the voice is physical the right exercises can help maximize your range from top to bottom. Be the best you can ben and all your voice has to offer.
Complete Expanding Your Range will help you with:
# Maximize Your Range
# Sing Higher and Lower Without Straining
# Be Consistent Each Time You Sing


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Anónimo dijo...

link de descarga esta rota colgarla otra vez gracias

Anónimo dijo...

Si no es mucha molestia, dígannos como se usa este Audiobook. De antemano, Gracias por la descarga y por las instrucciones de uso. Atte: EFG

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