Guitar Sherpa - Inversion Excursion - Vol 1 - DVD

Guitar Sherpa - Inversion Excursion - Vol 1 - DVD
DVD5 | MPEG-2 | 5100 kbps | 720 x 480 | 29,970 fps | AC3 256 kbps | 4.26 GB
Language: English | Genre: Video Training

Inversion Excursion will exponentially increase your chord, comping and rhythm pattern vocabulary. INSTEAD of Chord Forms Simply memorizing from a book, Inversion Excursion Teaches you How to unleash Chorus After Chorus of fresh Ideas by Giving you a Grip on the Chord Forms and then illustrating How to apply Them in a Musical context. You'll learn How to instantly pull out an endless variety of interesting voicings and rhythms to keep both the soloist and the audience engaged and motivated. You'll learn HUNDREDS of inversions of up and down the Neck, string Across all Groups, in all Keys. In this first Volume, you'll work through Major Chord inversions using video and Demonstrations Extensive charts (over 500 pages!) that illustrate root , first inversion, second inversion and third inversion forms. Unlike your typical Chord book, you'll play your way through the course within a context Musical and learn How to apply the inversions with RHYTHMIC Ideas in Virtually any style of Music. Over the course of your Inversion Excursion journey you'll Develop a Massive vocabulary of chords, patterns and applications that you can pull out when comping, arranging, composing and improvising. In short, you'll NEVER find yourself struggling to come up with something fresh and appropriate, if not downright dazzling. Hands-On Learning Tools included with Inversion Excursion: Text Lesson Guide, Chord Charts, Practice Rhythm Tracks, Bonus Material.


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