Jesse Nemitz - Singing Success Videos TV

Jesse Nemitz - Singing Success Videos
English | 35xDVDRip | WMV, ~652 kb/s | 640x360 | 20:41:13 | 6,69 Gb
Genre: elearning

A groundbreaking collection of Jesse Nemitz video lessons at Singing Success TV.Lessons:

Stage Vocal Warm-Up Part1
Stage Vocal Warm-Up Part2
Stage Vocal Warm-Up Part3
Balancing The Bass Voice
Beginner Hang-Ups
Consistent Vocals
Consistent Warm-Up
Detailed Balance
Detailed Warm-Up
Don't Be Afraid To Sound Good
Easy High Notes
Getting Out Of Your Own Way
Getting The Voice Ready For Recording
Gifted Singers Need Practice Too
Gifted Vs Non Gifted Singers Part1
Gifted Vs Non Gifted Singers Part2
Good Opera Bad Opera
Just Can't Get Enough Mix
Killing The Squeeze
Mix Voice For The Classical Singer
More Mix Please Part2
Note Independence
Professional Vocal Setup
Q&A With Jason Catron
Smart Singing
Studio Warm-up
The Missing Link
Tone Deaf Singing
Too Much Weight
Ultimate Cord Closure Workout
Vocalizing & Singing
Where's My Vibrato?
Why So Many Notes?

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